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Getting started

Workable offers API keys (“API access token”), partner tokens and OAuth for authentication. Nango currently only supports API key based authentication.

Need help getting started? Get help in the community.

Connection configuration in Nango

Workable requires a user specific subdomain for the API base URL.

You should request this from the user and pass it to Nango in the nango.auth() call:

nango.auth('workable', '<CONNECTION-ID>', {params: {subdomain: '<workable-subdomain>'}});

For more details see the docs here.

API gotchas

  • To authorize a Workable Connection in Nango you need to pass both the API key and the company’s workable subdomain:
nango.auth('workable', '<CONNECTION-ID>', {
        credentials: {
            apiKey: '<END-USER-API-KEY>'
        params: {
            subdomain: '<WORKABLE-SUBDOMAIN>'
  • The API base URL in Nango is set to https://{subdomain}.workable.com for future forward compatability. To call endpoints of the V3 API prefix the endpoint with /spi/v3/, e.g. /spi/v3/candidates
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