API configuration: workable


Auth (API Key)
Sync data
Perform workflows
Proxy requests
Receive webhooks🚫 (time to contribute: <48h)
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Getting started

Workable offers API keys (“API access token”), partner tokens, and OAuth for authentication. Nango currently only supports API-key-based authentication.

Need help getting started? Get help in the community.

Connection configuration in Nango

Workable requires a user specific subdomain for the API base URL.

You should request this from the user and pass it to Nango in the nango.auth() call:

nango.auth('workable', '<CONNECTION-ID>', {params: {subdomain: '<workable-subdomain>'}});

For more details see the docs here.

API gotchas

  • To authorize a Workable Connection in Nango you need to pass both the API key and the company’s workable subdomain:
nango.auth('workable', '<CONNECTION-ID>', {
        credentials: {
            apiKey: '<END-USER-API-KEY>'
        params: {
            subdomain: '<WORKABLE-SUBDOMAIN>'
  • The API base URL in Nango is set to https://{subdomain}.workable.com for future forward compatability. To call endpoints of the V3 API, prefix the endpoint with /spi/v3/, e.g. /spi/v3/candidates.
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