API configuration: harvest


Auth (OAuth)
Sync data
Perform workflows
Proxy requests
Receive webhooks🚫 (time to contribute: <48h)
We can implement missing features in <48h, just ask for it in the community.

Getting started

Need help getting started? Get help in the community.

API gotchas

  • When creating a connection, you need to add the appDetails configuration parameter in the format MyApp (yourname@example.com), which will be appended to the request as a header: User-Agent: MyApp (yourname@example.com). This information will be used to get in touch if you’re doing something wrong(so the provider can warn you before you’re blocked) or something awesome (so the provider can congratulate you). Requests without a valid User-Agent header are rejected.
  • Harvest enforces different rate limits for different endpoints. For more details check harvest rate limits
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