API configuration: squarespace


Auth (OAuth)
Sync data
Perform workflows
Proxy requests
Receive webhooks🚫 (time to contribute: <48h)
We can implement missing features in <48h, just ask for it in the community.

Getting started

Need help getting started? Get help in the community.

API gotchas

  • Squarespace enforces different rate limits for different endpoints with a cool down period of one minute. For more details check squarespace rate limits
  • Different APIs have different versions. Please confirm the latest version and append it to your resource endpoint, i.e /{api-version}/commerce/inventory
  • When creating a connection, you need to add the customappDescription configuration parameter, which will be appended to the request as a header: User-Agent: YOUR_CUSTOM_APP_DESCRIPTION. Requests without a valid User-Agent header are rejected.
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