API configuration: jira


Auth (OAuth)
Sync data
Perform workflows
Proxy requests
Receive webhooks🚫 (time to contribute: <48h)
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Getting started

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API gotchas

  • Refreshing tokens require the offline_access scope when creating the integration on the Nango UI.
  • You will need to fetch your Cloud ID to be able to make API requests to the Jira API v3. You can do this with the proxy by calling:
const response = await nango.get({
    endpoint: `oauth/token/accessible-resources`,
    baseUrlOverride: 'https://api.atlassian.com'
const cloudId = response.data[0].id;

You can then construct your URL as follows: https://api.atlassian.com/ex/jira/${cloudId}/rest/api/3/<endpoint>

  • When you create an OAuth 2.0 (3LO) app, it’s private by default. Before using the integration, you must make your app public. If you want to make your app public, find the how-to here.
  • Refresh tokens will expire after 365 days of non use and will expire by 90 days if the resource owner is inactive for 90 days. Make sure you call nango.getConnection() at least every 365 days to trigger a refresh. See reference here.
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