Your should read the self-hosting instructions before deploying to production.

Deploy to heroku

Deployment Information

The Heroku template generates a dedicated Nango Server instance as well as a separate Postgres database.

Heroku no longer has a free tier, so using this template requires that you set up your payment information in your Heroku account. This template uses the lowest tier (7/monthfortheserver,7/month for the server, 5/month for the database).

The Nango server will not work right away after you deploy the app on Heroku. You need to set 2 environment variables in your Heroku app settings:

  • NANGO_SERVER_URL: the full URL of your Heroku app (or your custom domain)
  • NANGO_DATABASE_URL: the value for the DATABASE_URL Heroku config var, to which you should append ?sslmode=no-verify (i.e. <DATABASE_URL>?sslmode=no-verify)

Finally, you should restart the app and it will work.

You do not need to set the SERVER_PORT environment variable.