Nango’s Proxy simplifies making authenticated requests to external APIs. It’s a tool designed to save you time and reduce complexity in your interactions with APIs.

Key features

  • Automatic Credential Injection: Automatically adds necessary authentication to your API requests.
  • Base URL Setup: Automatically determines and sets the correct base URL for your API requests.
  • Effortless Pagination: Simplifies dealing with API pagination.
  • Logs for Debugging: Tracks your requests in the Logs tab for easy debugging.
  • Rate-limit Management: Handles rate limits with smart retries (step-by-step guide).

Use cases

The Proxy is useful to perform any individual request to external APIs, e.g.

  • Fetching Data: Great for one-time data retrieval, like getting user metadata.
  • Writing Data: Use it to send data back to an API, such as updating a user profile.

Proxy vs. actions

The Proxy works for individual API requests, while actions handle more complex scenarios that require multiple requests or data transformations.

The Proxy is actually the default way to make API requests in integration scripts, including action scripts.

Getting started with the Proxy

The Proxy is available for free on Nango Cloud.

Check out the Proxy step-by-step guide or refer to the reference (API / SDK) for full details on proxy options.

Questions, problems, feedback? Please reach out in the Slack community.