This reference covers a list of all the limits that apply on Nango.

Free plan


  • Limit of 3 connections per integration: On the free plan, users can establish up to three connections per integration if the integration includes scripts.
  • Unlimited connections for authentication-only integrations: If an integration is used solely for authentication purposes and doesn’t include scripts, then it can have an unlimited number of connections.

Computing resource idling

  • 24-hour idling: Computing resources on the free plan are set to idle after 24 hours of inactivity. Once idled, reactivating these resources can cause a one-time delay of a few seconds when the API is called next.

Development environment

  • Not for production use: The development environment is specifically for testing integrations and is not suitable for production purposes.
  • Connection re-authorization requirement: To manage resource usage fairly, connections in the development environment need to be re-authorized every 7 days. This re-authorization can be done through the OAuth flow or by re-entering API credentials.

Global limitations

API rate-limit

The API rate limit is 2,400 requests per minute. This includes all requests made from both your applications and scripts combined. If the rate limit is exceeded, check the standard rate-limit headers to know when to resume API requests. This rate limit can be increased for paying customers.

Integration scripts

Integration scripts have the following limits:

Script TypeMax execution timeMax enqueuing time
External webhooks15min1min

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