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Stack Exchange API wiki

Working with the Stack Exchange API?

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Using Stack Exchange with Nango

Stack Exchange uses the same API for all its sites such as Stack Overflow, Server Fault, Super User, Mathematics, Ask Ubuntu etc.

Provider template name in Nango: stackexchange
Follow our quickstart to add an OAuth integration with Stack Exchange in 5 minutes.

App registration & publishing

You can register your OAuth app here (make sure you are logged into your Stack Exchange account).

There does not seem to be any approval process but once you are ready they can help you promote your OAuth app on StackApps!

API specific gotchas

  • By default access tokens expire (and cannot be refreshed). To get an access token that does not expire pass the no_expiry scope (along with your other scopes)
  • Read the usage notes here: You need to pass an additional key parameter together with your access token to benefit from higher API quotas.