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Salesforce API wiki

Working with the Salesforce API?

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Using Salesforce with Nango

Provider template name in Nango: salesforce
Follow our quickstart to add an OAuth integration with Salesforce in 5 minutes.

Metadata captured by Nango
The instance_url is automatically stored in the Connection Metadata when it gets the access token.

App registration & publishing

Quick & easy for testing:

  • Sign up for a Salesforce developer account.
  • Login and in Setup create a new "Connected App" under Apps -> App Manager. Make sure you enable the OAuth section.

API specific gotchas

  • Salesforce calls the client_id and client_secret the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret
  • To enable offline data access with a refresh token, add the refresh_token (or its synonym, offline_access) scope. By default access tokens expire in ~2h (but customers can configure this value).
  • If you encounter an error in your flow that says invalid_client_id make sure your (developer) User's password does not contain any special characters (yes, really.)
  • Nango automatically stores the instance_url (e.g. in the Connection metadata for you. You can easily retrieve this with the backend SDK or Connections API