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Epic Games API wiki

Working with the Epic Games API?

Please add your learnings, favorite links and gotchas here by editing this page.

Using Epic Games with Nango

Provider template name in Nango: epic-games
Follow our quickstart to add an OAuth integration with Epic Games in 5 minutes.

App registration & publishing

Register your app on the Dev Portal. It is all self-service, but far from self explanatory, you will need to set a client, link it with your app etc. There is also a branding review before you can distribute the app publicly.

API specific gotchas

  • I could not find a public list of possible scopes, but there is a list when you setup your app in the dev portal.
  • The refresh token has a very aggressive time out of just a few hours - make API requests very frequently (to refresh it) or you will lose access!
  • Epic returns many things (scroll down for an example) together with the access token. Use the getRawTokenRepsonse methods of the Nango SDK to access these. You can get even more additional information by inspecting the access token.