Nango Sync
Nango Sync: Configuration

External requests & auth

Nango lets you configure which external endpoints you consume, in code, without constraint, using the Nango Proxy.

It will automatically handle:

Schemas & transformation

Nango lets you define, in code:

  1. the output schema of the synced objects
  2. the mapping between the external API schema and the output schema

With this, Nango will ensure end-to-end type safety as well as monitor changes in API response schemas.


Define on which schedule Nango should sync external data (e.g. every hour) in the nango.yaml config file.

Rate-limits - retry policies

Nango handles integration-wide rate-limits, pacing requests across all syncs.

Nango lets you define custom retry policies, in the nango.yaml config file, and uses a sensible default.


Used Nango’s pre-defined pagination strategy to simplify you integration code, e.g.:

nango.get('/endpoint', { paginated = true }); // Fetches all pages automatically.

Sync notifications

Nango uses webhooks to notify your app in real-time when new data is available. Webhook payloads are strongly-typed and contain added/updated/deleted objects.

Manage syncs

Create, update, pause, re-trigger, stop syncs programmatically or with the admin console.


Monitor all sync executions in the Activity tab of the admin console.