Nango Auth
Nango Auth: Configuration

Custom Callback URL

Before saving the custom callback URL in Nango, ensure that:

  • the callback URL redirects to and passes along all parameters (e.g. 308 redirect)
  • your OAuth app, as registered with the external API provider, has the new callback URL whitelisted

Customize the callback URL in your Dashboard’s project settings. If self-hosting Nango, follow the instructions here.

Connection configuration

Some API Providers require connection-specific configuration variables (e.g. Zendesk, Shopify, Qualtrics, Contentstack).

For example, Zendesk has the following authorization URL, where the subdomain is specific to a user’s Zendesk account:


To specify the subdomain, pass in an additional configuration object to nango.auth():

nango.auth('zendesk', '<CONNECTION-ID>', {
    params: { 
        subdomain: '<ZENDESK-SUBDOMAIN>' 

You can find which configuration parameters are necessary for your Connection in the providers.yaml file.

Connection metadata

During the OAuth flow, certain APIs return important metadata in addition to credentials (e.g. a company ID, tenant ID, instance URL, etc).

Nango stores this metadata in the Connection objects. You can retrieve it with the SDKs or API.

Configure integrations programmatically

Read the API reference to programmatically manage Integrations.

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