Don’t Start from Scratch

Nango lets you construct any integration with over 100 supported APIs.

Why start from zero when you can kick off with a ready-made template? Feel free to customize and enhance it as you please.

Templates by the community, for the community
Everyone is welcome to contribute new integration templates to Nango, just like with the supported APIs.

As Nango and its community expand, we’re looking forward to offering hundreds of templates and use-cases for a multitude of APIs.

How to Use Integration Templates

Pre-requisite: Set up the Nango CLI & nango-integration folder (see syncs guide - Step 1)

  1. Copy and paste the template’s nango.yaml content into your own nango.yaml, and do the same with the template’s scripts ending in .ts into your nango-integration folder.

  2. If you wish, extend and customize the template to suit your needs (see syncs guide).

  3. Test the sync with nango dryrun -h (docs)

  4. Deploy your integration with nango deploy [dev|prod] (docs)

Available Integration Templates

Missing your favorite API or use-case?
Give us a shout on the Slack community, we’re constantly adding to our collection of templates!

Need Help with a Template?

Don’t hesitate to connect with us on the Slack community. We’re always around and eager to assist!