Pre-requisite: creation of an integration and at least one connection (step-by-step guide).

Activate an action template

Nango uses actions to perform workflows involving external APIs. Workflows can involve arbitrary series of API requests & data transformations. For common use cases, templates are available to let you get started fast.

Select your integration in the Integrations tab, and navigate to the Scripts tab. Available action templates will appear in the Action Scripts section. Select the relevant one and enable it with the toggle.

Is there no template for your API? Or none matching your exact use case?

Learn more about how to build a custom integration, extend a template or request custom integrations from Nango experts.

Trigger an action

Actions can take inputs, and they return a result synchronously. Trigger actions using the backend SDK (reference) or API (reference):

curl --request POST \
  --url \
  --header 'Authorization: Bearer <PROJECT-SECRET-KEY>' \
  --header 'Connection-Id: <string>' \
  --header 'Provider-Config-Key: <string>' \
  --data '{ "action_name": "<string>", "input": <json> }'

If you consume the API (vs. the SDK), you can use the standard endpoint (above) or a unique generated endpoint described in the API Reference tab of your integration in the Nango UI. The generated endpoint documents the specific parameters & responses of each action.

Troubleshoot errors & monitor

Navigate to the Activity tab to inspect potential errors & monitor action executions.

Questions, problems, feedback? Please reach out in the Slack community.