A single API for all CRM integrations

A single API for CRM integrations

Welcome to Nango!

Nango is an open source API that unlocks many CRM integrations at once. It will help you maximize deals while minimizing engineering work.


What is a unified API?

Our unified API allows you to integrate with 12 CRM systems (and counting) by implementing a single API.

This means you integrate once with Nango and actually get 12 integrations with the most popular CRM systems.

When you call /crm/contacts you always get the same data schema back no matter which CRM your user has setup:

  • Salesforce
  • Copper
  • Hubspot
  • Close
  • Pipedrive
  • ...and 7 more

Check out our Standard API Endpoints to see it in action.

Why should you use a unified API?

Building CRM integrations one-by-one is slow and costly.

There are hundreds of CRMs out there with very different APIs. For each one, you need to understand their API reference, data modeling, developer approval process, authentication system, rate limiting, etc.

Nango’s unified API lets you integrate once and get many native CRM integrations.

And if you want to go even deeper you can leverage the open source aspect of Nango to customize the unified API and support new CRM systems.

This is cool, how can I try it?

Discover and test our Standard API Endpoints.

Sign up to Nango here.

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