Nango lets you create custom integrations through code. Unlike pre-built integrations, custom integrations provide the flexibility to address unique or complex requirements.

Key concepts

Code-defined integrations

  • Define integrations with code, offering full customization capabilities.
  • Integrate with any API, adapting to specific use cases and data requirements.

Integration-specific tooling

  • Utilize tools designed to simplify and maintain the integration code (e.g. rate limits, pagination, etc.).
  • Ensure code quality and manageability without compromising on flexibility.

Integration execution and management

  • Integration scripts are executed on Nango’s infrastructure, enabling observability, scalability, and manageability.
  • Leverage multiple Nango environments to streamline the deployment process

Development workflow

  • Develop and test integrations in your local environment using familiar tools and practices.
  • Use Git for version control, integrating your integration code into your existing codebase management workflow.

Benefits of custom integrations

  • Flexibility: Tailor integrations to the exact requirements of your application and the external APIs you wish to connect with.
  • Development Speed: Reduce the time from concept to deployment, enabling your team to ship integrations faster.
  • Scalability: Leverage Nango’s infrastructure to scale your integrations as your application grows.
  • Observability: Gain insights into the performance and health of your integrations through Nango’s monitoring tools.
  • Manageability: Nango’s UI & API allows fine-grained control of the execution of your integrations.

Questions, problems, feedback? Please reach out in the Slack community.