Nango publishes integration templates for the most popular APIs & use cases. Templates are a starting point for your custom integrations to reuse and extend.

Here is the list of publicly available integration templates.

You can activate template integrations directly in the Nango UI to get started fast. But if you want to edit their code or configuration, you must pull them in your integrations folder as described below.

Pre-requisite: set up an integrations folder (step-by-step guide).

Download the template code

Download the template code locally. The code is available on GitHub or directly in the Nango UI in the Scripts tab of an integration.

Copy/paste the integration configuration & scripts

Copy/paste the necessary configuration from the nango.yaml file of the template folder into your own nango.yaml configuration (in your nango-integrations folder).

Copy/paste the necessary integration script files (ending in .ts) from the template folder into your nango-integrations folder.

There is no need to copy/paste the models.ts file from the template folder; it is a generated file that will be regenerated separately in your integrations folder when you run nango dev.

Customize the template at will

Edit the nango.yaml configuration and integration scripts as you see fit (step-by-step guide).

If a custom integration script name conflicts with a template name, the custom integration script will override the template in the Nango UI.

Questions, problems, feedback? Please reach out in the Slack community.