The simplest way to add a new API is to ask us in the community. We deliver them in <48h.

If you want to contribute a new API yourself, follow the steps below and check out examples of past contributions.

Add an API configuration

Fork the repo and edit the API configurations file (providers.yaml).

Test the API

To test your new provider, go to the nango repo root and run:

docker compose up

You can modify the ports in the docker-compose.yaml file if there are conflicts with other local services on your host machine.

When you are ready to test your API:

Create an integration

Open the local Nango UI in your browser and add a new integration with your freshly added API.

Create a connection

Create a new connection for this API in the Nango UI, completing the authorization flow.

Verify the connection

If all goes well, you should see your new connection in the Connections tab. Check the connection details and make sure that the credentials are valid.

Document the API

Add a <api>.mdx file (e.g. github.mdx) for you API to the docs-v2/integrations/all folder. Check out other examples to fill out the content of the documentation page.

Reference the page in the docs-v2/mint.json file in the Supported APIs group in alphabetical order.

Submit a pull request

Verify your contribution against examples of past contributions.

Submit a pull request with the new provider to the Nango repo. Please thoroughly test the integration!

Thanks a lot for your contribution!! ❤️

Questions, problems, feedback? Please reach out in the Slack community.