FeaturesFree Self-HostingCloudEnterprise Self-Hosting
OAuth w/ custom callback URL✅ (free)
Fully white-label integrations✅ (free)
API Key auth✅ (free)
Basic auth✅ (free)
Request proxying✅ (free)
Secure dashboard access✅ (free)
Logs & monitoring✅ (free)
Encryption at rest✅ (free)
Programmatic API & SDKs✅ (free)
Syncs (deletes, rate-limits, templates)
Field mappings
Multi-user & team management
Production-grade support
Custom integrations

Nango Cloud

Nango Cloud is free to use for features related to authorization and request proxying, without limitations.

Other features around consuming & syncing data with APIs are paid, with a free tier (cf. pricing).

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Free Self-Hosting

Free self-hosting features have been designed with easy self-hostability in mind, ensuring that you can deploy them independently in your own environment.

These features are widely adopted by many companies in production. They simplify the process of obtaining, storing, and refreshing credentials to access any API. The same features are available for free without limitations on Nango Cloud.

Enterprise Self-Hosting

Self-hosting of the following features is available, but requires a subscription of the Scale plan:

If you are interested in Enterprise self-hosting please reach out to us on the Slack community.