As an example, we will sync GitHub issues from your public repositories directly through the Nango webapp.

Authorize an API (Github)

Begin by creating a free Nango account (no credit card needed):

Try Nango Cloud

Head to the Integrations tab and select Auth adjacent to the GitHub example integration:

Within the Add New Connection page, retain the default settings and press Start OAuth Flow.

Authorize your GitHub account and access your credentials from the Connections tab. Great work!

Sync data from an API (Github issues)

Go to the Syncs & Actions tab and click the Add New button.

From the Provider dropdown menu, pick github. In the Template dropdown, opt for github-issues (sync). Lastly, click Add Sync located at the page’s bottom.

Fantastic! Nango will now automatically sync your Github issues in the background.

Fetch the synced data

Transition to the Project Settings tab to obtain the secret key essential for fetching the synced data:

Now, collect the continually updated data:

  • cURL

  • Node SDK

curl --request GET \
  --url '' \
  --header 'Authorization: Bearer <your-dev-secret-key>' \
  --header 'Connection-Id: test-connection-id' \
  --header 'Provider-Config-Key: demo-github-integration'

Next Steps

Delve into the Guides section to discover how to:

Questions, problems, feedback?

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