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Instagram API wiki

Working with the Instagram API?

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Nango currently does not support long-lived access tokens and token refreshes for the Instagram Basic Display API. See this open issue for details.

This restriction does not apply to the Instagram Graph API.

Using Instagram with Nango

Note that Instagram has two different APIs: The Instagram Graph API (for Business and Creator accounts) and the Instagram Basic Display API (for Consumer/regular accounts).

This template implements the Instagram Basic Display API OAuth. For access to the Instagram Graph API use the Facebook template and follow the instructions under "API specific gotchas" below.

Provider template name in Nango: instagram
Follow our quickstart to add an OAuth integration with the Instagram API in 5 minutes.

App registration & publishing

Apps for the Instagram API can be registered here (you must be logged in with your Facebook/Meta account). Select "Consumer" as the app type, then follow these steps. You can find your OAuth redirect URL of your Nango instance in the quickstart.

When registering your provider config with Nango, use the Instagram App ID and Instagram App secret as client_id and client_secret (NOT your Meta app's app id & secret).

API specific gotchas