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Brex API wiki

Working with the Brex API?

Please add your learnings, favorite links and gotchas here by editing this page.

Using Brex with Nango

Provider template name in Nango: brex
For testing with Brex's staging system use brex-staging instead.
Follow our quickstart to add an OAuth integration with Brex in 5 minutes.

App registration & publishing

You need to register as Partner with Brex to get access to the OAuth API. We also recommend you join their developers Slack community (see link below), where support is fastest.

API specific gotchas

  • Include the scope offline_access to get a refresh token (access tokens expire after 1h)
  • Refresh tokens expire after 90 days of non use. Make sure you regularly make an API request as long as you need the connection.
  • Brex offers a staging system to test your apps, you will get access when you register as a partner. Staging details are here