Nango is your one-stop-shop for handling all things related to external APIs. It should be the only API you need to integrate to your app.

One API, many integrations.

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Nango’s versatility ensures it can accommodate any API integration:

  1. Pre-built integrations: Utilize pre-built integrations for popular APIs and standard use-cases to ship fast.
  2. Custom integrations: Build your own integrations with limitless customization capabilities.
  3. Managed integrations: Leverage Nango experts to create and maintain your integrations end-to-end.

πŸ”Œ 100+ pre-built APIs & integrations, or build your own!

Over 100 APIs are pre-configured to work right out of the box. We support 25+ categories such as CRMs (Hubspot, Salesforce), sales intelligence (Gong), knowledge bases (Notion, Drive), ticketing (Linear, Jira), support (zendesk), communications (Slack, Discord, Teams), video (zoom), emails (Gmails, Outlook), and many more.

But remember! Nango works with any API and any use-case. Adding an API or integration is simple: request it, build your own or contribute it.

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You can get Nango up and running in just 3 minutes with the Quickstart πŸš€ guide.

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